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Www.BlacKHefner.com is an online clothing apparel store for the masses with something for everyone. We present to the public brands that we would be proud to wear ourselves. We cater to the hustlers, players, grinders, men, women, kids, young adults. Our motto is “Wear What Makes You Feel Good.”

BlacKHefner.com is launched to satisty the apparel needs for everyone that wants something different and want to present to the world what they want to, not what is forced on them. As we continue to build our catalog, we will be taking suggestions and requests. You want it, we’ll make it happen. We have freedom to do what we want and how we want it. Think of this as an independent movement. We are not okay with being put in a box, allow your imagination to go wild.

We are currently presenting more urban & street wear fashion, but we we aim to cater this site for everyone. Le’t embrace the thought that not everyone wants to look or dress the same, so with that in mind, you think it, we’ll do it.

Our team are members of several different brands around the country whom are using their entrepreneural minds and individuality to give the public something different. We strongly believe in team work, and we’ve combined our mind and resources to brind you the best apparels. We are comprised of brand ambassadors, street teams, bloggers, entertainers, and and fans whom send in their input regularly. This site is for everyone whom wants to create and don’t know how to start. Let’s do it together one apparel at a time!!!

Join the Team?
If you think you’ve got the talent and drive to be part of the team, idea, blog,¬† or to become a vendor¬† of your apparels on this site, hit us up at hefnerblack@gmail.com.



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